Domestic Cleaners London

pre tenancy cleaningNowadays people lead hectic, busy lives, and it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with all the domestic work that needs to be done. It is almost impossible to find a minute to tidy up your homes. Most of us can do this daily cleaning early in the morning or late in the evening when we have this free “hard to find” minute. Well, yes, this is not a hard job to do.

However, when having too many uncleaned places to cover it becomes not so easy job to do and it really takes our valuable time away. Hoovering the carpets, washing the floors, dusting the furniture, wiping all skirting boards, washing windows, cleaning bathrooms, scrubbing kitchen appliances, ironing – this is all very complicated and time demanded piece of work to do.

Nevertheless how daunting for many this repeatedly consuming precious time process might seem, it is an essential part of regular housekeeping. Can you just imagine what a difference it makes, when you come back home and this sole place for recovery from the hectic world is already clean, healthy and ordered?

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Team is renowned as London’s leading cleaning service provider. Prime concern of ours is to maintain a clean and healthy environment in your home, so that you can easily and sufficiently get on with living.

Having your house or flat regularly cleaned by a professional, not only ensures a healthy living environment, but also frees up your precious time. End Of Tenancy Cleaning Team offers a domestic cleaning services personalized to the needs of your home, your lifestyle and your budget.

Cleaning duties will vary depending on your needs and requirements, but usually involve:

  • Vacuum clean and mop floors
  • Dust surfaces, furniture, skirting boards, door frames, windows, window sills, mirrors
  • Clean and disinfect bathroom, shower, toilet, cabinets
  • Clean and scrub kitchen – sink, appliances, cupboards, surfaces
  • Do the washing, empty the laundry, washing machine, ironing
  • General tidy rooms up, change bed linen
  • Empty litter bins, walk the dog
  • Take clothes to or from the dry cleaning

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Team offers regular domestic cleaning services on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Our service covers customers all over London. Your personalized cleaning plan is kept on file and passed onto your cleaner to ensure that our service is carried out to the highest quality level and consistency every time.

All of our cleaners are carefully selected, medicine and police checked, then properly trained and insured to provide the peace of mind every client needs when letting strangers at home. We assure you that we will treat your home as it was ours. Should, in case, anything is broken or damaged in the process of cleaning, End Of Tenancy Cleaning Team is bound to reimburse the cost for repair or replacement of the damage.