Carpet Steam Cleaning London


Vacuuming of your carpeted areas is not enough to keep your carpets good looking. Dirt deep in the carpet pile can wear away fibre and take away years of life from your carpet. Only a professional steam cleaning will remove the deep dirt and grit and will leave your carpet fresh and sanitized. Our carpet technicians’ team at End of Tenancy Cleaning specializes in professional carpet cleaning and we use top of the shelf brands and leaders in the carpet cleaning technology and industry such as Prochem.

The solution to great carpet cleaning starts before your carpet is steam cleaned. First, we hover your carpet where all the grit and dust that has been embedded deep into the pile is removed. After a thorough dusting, the carpet is tested for colourfastness and if suitable for steam cleaning we go to the next step. Then any spot and stain is pretreated with the appropriate stain removal. Traffic areas are also pretreated. When finished, the whole carpet is steam cleaned edge to edge to guarantee best result possible.

We can also steam clean your precious rugs and any runner that you have. We steam clean also roman blinds, curtains, mattresses, upholstered furniture etc. After our team of professionals at End of Tenancy Cleaning treats your carpet and upholstery, we highly recommend application of protection solution on top, named as scotchgard. Scotchgard technology is designed to protect your upholstered furniture from stains, dirt and grime. Scotchgard surrounds each fibre, providing an invisible shield against dirt and soil. As a result, dirt does not adhere as easily and vacuums up easier. Plus fibre wear from soil abrasion is reduced.

An example of how carpet or furniture protection products can help is when you have a spill. If you spill red wine and the carpet does not have scotchgard protection you watch the liquid absorb into the fibres of the carpet and in some cases leave a permanent stain. If you spill on the carpet that has been scotchgarded you watch the liquid bead on the surface and not absorb into the fabric. This gives you the necessary time to clean up the spill without leaving a permanent stain. A carpet and furniture protection product on your furnishings does not mean that you can ignore the spills until your next cleaning.